Habitat for Humanity may be better known for building and repairing homes in partnership with low-income families around the world, however our local Weber & Davis Counties affiliate also has two ReStores that are home improvement thrift stores and donation centers.   Our location in Layton at 859 West Hill Field Road was burglarized in the early morning Sunday.

“The burglars broke in through our donation center and proceeded to use our own tools to jimmy open the safe and clean us out.  They also took the money from our donation jar. “ says Jeannie M. Gamble, Executive Director. “They had to have been here for hours.  Unfortunately, they took our own tools to burglarize us and then used them to break into another business” Gamble said.

The Layton ReStore opened in April and has already been making a difference in the community.  “We have been helping contractors, and local residents as well as businesses in their repair, remodel and operating needs.  It’s a shame that things like this happen when all we are trying to do is help the community.” Says Matt Alexander, Layton Store Manager.

“Now more than ever we could really use the local support of our communities” says Kate Ketner Resource Development Director.  “The more people shop and donate to our Layton store the quicker we will be able to get back to building and repairing homes.” Ketner says.

For further information about donating, shopping, or volunteering at the Layton ReStore, call (801) 515-7590.

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