For all of the other services and needs that you may have, here is an alternative list with different resources and companies. Even though we may not accept every item at the Habitat ReStore, we strive to keep those items out of the landfill. Some of these companies do charge for pick-ups, please call ahead first to ask questions about what they do and do not accept.

There are NO returns on any of the items that you may purchase at the Habitat Weber ReStore. There is one exception with some appliances. Please speak with a ReStore manager for any further details.

Unfortunately, we do not accept any checks as payment. We do however accept Visa, debit, credit, and cash as payment for the items purchased at the Habitat ReStore.

We do not negotiate on any of the prices on any of the items. Please speak to a Habitat ReStore for any further details. If an item happens to have a misplaced tag or price, please contact the cashiers who will have someone assist you.

We do not have the availabilities nor the means to deliver products or merchandise to your home or location. We highly recommend you renting a truck from Home Depot. We do however have a free pick-up service for those needing to donate items.

We do have a free pick-up service for those residing in Weber and Davis Counties. We will need to schedule a time and date to come to your location to pick-up your donations. We sometimes schedule one to three weeks out. Make sure to call to make an appointment Tuesday thru Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM at 801-393-3287.

We have a list of resources for the items that we do not accept at our Weber ReStore. Click here to view which places will accept the items >>